UniversoAssisi 2018.
A festival in secret places.

2° edition

The Town of Assisi and Fondazione Internazionale Assisi are proud to present a new event that will enrich Umbria’s summer festival season.

From 20 to 23 July, Assisi’s most unusual and stunning places will challenge contemporaneity. Events, concerts, debates, and performances, under Joseph Grima’s art direction, will change the town’s cultural paradigm, combining its historical and spiritual heritage with an avant-garde dimension.


Contemporary music, poetry, literature, philosophy, animation films, theatre, architecture, and dance: for four days, performing arts with a strong focus on contemporaneity will take centre stage in Assisi’s most unusual and fascinating places. The first edition of UniversoAssisi – organised by the Town of Assisi and under the art direction of Joseph Grima – aims at beginning an international story that combines Assisi’s historical and cultural heritage with the new languages of research, performance, and artistic expression.

An ambitious project that intends to establish Assisi’s role as a contemporary city of culture in the pursuit of expressive languages in a multidisciplinary context of art, music, theatre, and projects in an innovative and futuristic format.


UniversoAssisi 2018: intellect makes art in a context that is unique in the world. The multiplicity of the events stretching across music, art, literature, theatre and dance, comes together under the genius loci of the City of Assisi. The town centre and Santa Maria degli Angeli become open-air theatres, with world-renowned contemporary artists transmitting their unique creativity to enhance the architectonic and extraordinary corners of the City. Intellectuals, national and international artists will make Assisi even more magical and enchanted. This city that is suspended between spirituality and innovation and immersed in artistic influences derived from its founding values and materialised in an architectonic and naturalistic treasure. A treasure belonging to Umbria, Italy and the entire world. A world universe that sees Assisi as a guiding light of values, culture and beauty.


UniversoAssisi 2018 marks our new commitment to making Assisi a point of reference and a source of inspiration for leading international figures in architecture, literature, music and theatre. With this new edition, we are happy to add two new disciplines - visual arts and photography - that as was the case last year, will bring to life the amazing and secret sites of our city.


Fondazione Internazionale Assisi is happy to take part in the organisation of UniversoAssisi. We believe it will be an opportunity to give our town an unprecedented display of music, art, architecture, and theatre with unique personalities in unique venues. In fact, one of the main features of the festival will be its setting in secret, picturesque venues, still unknown to most, which will leave indelible memories to those who visit them. We’re turning the page: Assisi is starting over with new ideas.