UniversoAssisi 2017.
A festival in secret places.

The Town of Assisi and Fondazione Internazionale Assisi are proud to present a new event that will enrich Umbria’s summer festival season.

From 20 to 23 July, Assisi’s most unusual and stunning places will challenge contemporaneity. Events, concerts, debates, and performances, under Joseph Grima’s art direction, will change the town’s cultural paradigm, combining its historical and spiritual heritage with an avant-garde dimension.


Contemporary music, poetry, literature, philosophy, animation films, theatre, architecture, and dance: for four days, performing arts with a strong focus on contemporaneity will take centre stage in Assisi’s most unusual and fascinating places. The first edition of UniversoAssisi – organised by the Town of Assisi and under the art direction of Joseph Grima – aims at beginning an international story that combines Assisi’s historical and cultural heritage with the new languages of research, performance, and artistic expression.

An ambitious project that intends to establish Assisi’s role as a contemporary city of culture in the pursuit of expressive languages in a multidisciplinary context of art, music, theatre, and projects in an innovative and futuristic format.


With UniversoAssisi we intend to take a new and challenging path to create reasons for knowing and rediscovering Assisi. We want to create the Assisi experience. Because Assisi is more than just a town. It’s a whole universe with its Sun (St Francis and his message) of values and culture that shines its light on the collective imaginary, now more than ever. To do so, we have relied on a great professional, Joseph Grima, who has designed an original format also thanks to the involvement of some of Assisi’s most prominent cultural personalities, who have worked synergistically knowing that they were taking on a true cultural challenge. Our special thank you goes to all of them.


For four days, thanks to the UniversoAssisi festival, Assisi will become an archipelago of events, concerts, debates, and performances in the town’s most unusual and stunning (and often forgotten) places. From the top of Mount Subasio to Assisi’s secret gardens, artists, musicians, architects, poets, and philosophers will take over the city giving life to a multidisciplinary festival. UniversoAssisi is an annual festival that allows locals and visitors to rediscover Assisi’s long-standing artistic and literary tradition, highlighting its role in the international cultural scenario, not only for its past but also for its present and future.

The art director will be supported by a team composed of Fulvia Angoletti (theatre), Paolo Ansideri, Enrico Sciamanna and Lorenzo Chiuchiu (literature), Lucia Fiumi and Gianluca Liberali (entertainment).


Fondazione Internazionale Assisi is happy to take part in the organisation of UniversoAssisi. We believe it will be an opportunity to give our town an unprecedented display of music, art, architecture, and theatre with unique personalities in unique venues. In fact, one of the main features of the festival will be its setting in secret, picturesque venues, still unknown to most, which will leave indelible memories to those who visit them. We’re turning the page: Assisi is starting over with new ideas.